Putting Faith Back Into The 198th

About Me

Nikki Bagby is a proud wife and mother of six. She was born and in resides in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently the Marketing Manager at UnitedHealthcare Plan of Pennsylvania. She is also which she is the President and Founder, A Humbled Heart.

She has an extensive background and expertise in Public Healthcare, Community/Economic Development, small business development, social service delivery, community engagement, special event coordination, event planning etc. In her role responsibly of maintaining and building partnerships that include but are not limited to the faith/community based organizations, state/city legislative officials,small/large businesses, health systems, schools and even celebrities. She has also appeared on several television news and Radio broadcast stations and been invited to speak as an advocate for families and as been panelist for several community and health related events and seminars.

Nikki is passionate about bridging the gaps by being a resource to those who are underserved, under-exposed, dis- enfanchised and simply have no voice in both her business and personal life.

Our Vision:

A Safer Neighborhood

Through gun control and less gun violence

Safe places our youth can go to for learning & recreation

Fair Wages

Through advocacy for equal pay and higher minimum wages

Universal Healthcare

By supporting initiatives for everyone to have access to healthcare

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